1.  Selection, selection, selection.   In most of the price ranges a buyer desires, there are plenty of houses on the market from which to choose. A few years ago a buyer was forced to make compromises if they were going to locate the home of their dreams.  You can now find large lots, small lots, and lots that will accommodate your boat, RV or horses & livestock. There are lots of options in this market.

2.  No Bidding Wars.  In the past there were many instances of multiple offers for one home.  Other buyers bid the properties up substantially from the original listing price.  Disappointment and a higher price was often the result. There is no competitive bidding in this buyer's market.

3.  You can make an offer. A few years ago when you made an offer, the only question was how high above the list price could the buyer reach in hopes of being the best offer on the table. Today the sell price list vs. price ration is about 96%. A seller will not be insulted if you 'make them an offer they can't refuse'.

4.  Patience is tolerated. In the hot seller's market that existed everything was rushed. Find a house before other buyers did. Hurry up and make the offer.  Today a buyer can take their time. Look at several homes and think about your decision for a few hours.

5.  Location, location, location. Today's buyers can find homes closer to work. In this market, reasonably priced homes are within biking or walking distance to shopping, schools, and more.