Everyone who has been trying to sell their house in Delta and Montrose County is well aware that this is a difficult time in our Real Estate market.  The good news is that the market is showing signs of rallying.  I liken it to a bouncing  ball, happy and going up for a month then back down again.  Don’t despair the bounce is going a little higher each time and a little shorter drop.  We all wish the market would rebound as fast as it dropped but it just isn’t happening. 

In a market like this sellers need to be well aware why a buyer chooses a house (since there is only 1 buyer to every 3 houses) and to make sure that the one buyer chooses your house.  There are only 3 reasons that a house does not sell.  Price, Condition, Location.  If we consider this and ask the question what can we do about it if the reason is location?  Well the only choice is to drop the price if it does not sell.  It is clear what needs to be done in a condition issue but in some cases the owner simply cannot make the repairs that the home needs to bring the condition up to make it sell.  The only thing we can do if this is the case is drop the price so it is attractive to a buyer to purchase the home and make the renovations it needs.  Of course if the price is too high you all know what must be done there.

There are many things that a seller can do in order to make the home more appealing to a buyer.  Please look at this photo.

If a buyer is looking at this home what is he really looking at?  The home or the sellers personal items.  I can tell you that to make this home stand out to the buyer the personal decorations have to be removed so that the buyer is looking at a blank canvass.  After showing as many homes as I have the blank canvass is intriguing to a buyer, they are mentally moving their own things into the house.  You often hear them say I can put my dining hutch over there, etc. 

When a buyer starts moving their furniture mentally in to a home it is practically sold.  I am not saying a vacant house but absent of personal items that you love so much.  You are leaving the home, saying goodbye, so put your personal decorations in boxes and save them for your new home.  The kitchen counter looks so much larger if it is wide open with only a few tasteful decorations on it.