Some people think that tax assessments are a way of evaluating a home. The difficulty here is that the assessments are based on a number of criteria

that may not be related to property values, so they may not necessarily reflect your home’s true value. When considering whether the assessor has valued your home or vacant land properly there are several things you can consider.  Has the assessor visited your home recently?  If he has not he may have used old criteria to tax your home.  It may be taxed too high.  It may not be valued high enough. 


You can visit the website for your county on our list of website links and find out what the assessor has priced your home or property at.  The following is the link to the Delta County Assessor. This is a very good website to get used to using.  You can see what the value of your neighbor or any other property that is similar to yours is priced at.  If you are in a very different range than those homes maybe you need to take time to visit with the Assessor and discuss these findings.  You don’t really want to pay more taxes than is necessary but when selling your home if the assessed value is considerably different from what you are asking to sell for this can cause buyers to think you are overpriced.  Maybe did some extensive remodeling, updating, and perhaps added on.  This needs to be listed in the tax information.  Is your home a Modular home and the records show it is a manufactured home?  This not only affects your value, and your ability to sell your house, it affects the way an appraiser appraises your house for a future buyer. 


In the case of vacant land you probably know that the taxes are assessed higher on vacant land than it is on land with a home on it.  Do you have extenuating circumstances that might make your land have the issue of taxes being too high?  The Assessor should consider whether you have access to utilities, easement issues, and other reasons that you may know of that would help you keep your taxes where they should be.  The tax records are also very good for finding parcels that are similar to yours to find out if your taxes are too high. 


Being educated and using the tools offered on the internet can keep you from being taxed too high and from having appraisal problems in the future for possibly selling or even refinancing your property.  Here's a handy link to the Assessor's website: